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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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by another local funeral home. >> why one woman who used that funeral home for her mother's services were unhappy with what they did. and if you have, very young children at home, listen to this, there is a new guidelines when it comes to keeping your kids safe in the car. what you'll need to know starting to day if you drive with kids, in the car. hi everybody, it is tuesday, it is the first of september. >> wow. >> yes. >> day i'll always remember. >> that is right because year ago today this woman right here started at good kay philadelphia. >> bam. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you you are still here, great. >> i'm still here. i have survived. >> i'm shocked. >> i saw that on twitter. >> yes. >> that is really great. >> change all of your lives. >> forever. >> also what we're doing this week we try to have a different weather caster each day, yesterday was scott williams. today dave warren. tomorrow, well, we're not
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sure. >> me. >> me. >> it could be sheen a parveen. >> who do we have by friday. >> i will be here in the morning and then sue is down with you folks. >> that is right. >> we're going to wildwood on friday on the boardwalk. >> yes. >> watch the tram car please. >> let get to weather. >> more school picks . >> please keep sending them. use that hashtag fox 29 good day. >> we cannot think of anything new so we are just going to show the kids. >> no, it is tuesday. >> who starts on tuesday. >> we have no new ideas. >> it will be one of those days, gang on facebook. >> i have to sit here and watch you throw them up on the air too. >> who is throwing up on the air. >> i will be in a moment. >> here's weather starting a off in the 07's right now.
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warm start. warm and muggy stepping outside. 66 degrees, in allentown, and pottstown a seven today. the there is weather by numbers. air quality alert. that is a problem this afternoon. here's a school pick, with muggy. >> he sound like a wolf. >> seventy-five to 80 degrees. >> there, that is better. >> cooler today. off to a muggy start. it will be hot and humid this afternoon. ultimate doppler all clear. we have 90's, heat wave to day is day number three for that p.m. drive, talking about the a.m. drive, i got to an icon up there i'll fix it. >> you got it. >> fine tune that. >> 6:02. we're off to a good start this morning. it is tuesday. hello, 309, near norristown between norristown and sus question hand a no problems or delays at the all working your way down toward the turnpike. police activity here in the background. this is southbound side of 42,
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a little car stop here working your way down toward creek road and volume starting to pop for gang coming towards city. first jam in the cam southbound i-95 approaching cottman avenue down in through girard. brake tap starting to occur here as we see beginning of the morning rush hour. an accident in conshohocken at seventh and fey yet. so far so good coming down extension, disable truck up near lehigh valley interchange. one direction, mike, will be front row for this later tonight. >> that is right. >> 7:00 o'clock at lincoln financial field. another pack house, we had the comedy concert there on sunday. we have got kid coming in here tonight. so we will see a lot of folks heading into the stadium area for our evening rush hour and septa has three of the trolley routes using shuttle bus's long a portion of the the line today. mike and alex, back over to you. >> i miss zane. >> look at this, a car hit three people walking in the
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middle of the street in ocean county, new jersey. sky fox was over the scene around 10:00 o'clock last night. the accident happened on river avenue, in lakewood township. police say one adult, and three children were hit. it is unclear how the young children are but a stroller was left in the street. the victim were taken to the hospital no word on their current conditions. we are making calls right now. police say the driver did stop after hitting them. police discovered three bodies in west philadelphia, now they are investigating a funeral home for operating without a license. >> sound familiar? this comes days after decomposed bodies were found in north philadelphia there is jenny joyce, tell us more. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. overnight we have found out that the the funeral director here blair hawkins was charged with three counts of a abuse of a corpse. he is a licensed funeral director, however, problem he is working out of on the the 5300 block of vine street is not licensed. acting on a tip officials from
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the department of the state and services entered hawkins funeral services yesterday. they found three bodies inside including two decomposing. regulations require bodies to be embalmed within 24 hours. investigators called philadelphia police to the scene. lieutenant john walker says that two of the three bodies found did not have signed death certificates. one woman who didn't want her face shown saw our story and came to the scene to talk to us. she said her family used his funeral services when her mother passed away and they were not at all pleased. >> the place was very dark, dirty, filthy. and, i didn't have the right amount of fund to do it, the way i wanted to do it. i had to go with them. if i knew he wasn't licensed i wouldn't even give him my money. >> just terrible for families of these people who are paying somebody to be a professional and dot right thing. unfortunately people are cutting corner, in a situation lake this, to save a few
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dollars and it is unacceptable behavior in my opinion f you pay a funeral director that person is regulated by the the state, and you have a responsibility to care for the dead as you are supposed to. >> reporter: funeral home crackdown comes a week after three decomposing bodies were found in the garage which belonged to the powell funeral home in north philadelphia. that case is still under investigation. the status of their licenses is not yet known. police say here at hawkins funeral home conditions are deplorable, bodies are supposed to be stored in 40-degree temperatures. well, one of several regulations not being met here mike and alex. >> my goodness. >> 6:06. how about this a montgomery county attorney is accused of raping one of his clients. vincent a cirillo junior was arraigned yesterday, and is charged with rape and other offences. victim reported the alleged rape early last month and has identified him as her attacker and a lawyer that she hired. sir rel owe is out on bail.
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he is son of the late superior court judge vincent a cirillo. and pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane's legal team is mobilizing against a possible effort to force her out of office. because of her perjury charge, kane has retained a lawyer to look into disciplinary matters, with the attorney and court officials, and, it is note if it is kane's law license if she had has her license revoke. she cannot be attorney general. kane ace accused of leaking grand jury materials and lying bit, governor tom wolf has called for her to resign but kathleen kane says that she plans to seek reelection. boy, a big problem in chester as we told you yesterday as kids head back to school tomorrow. teachers are starting without a paycheck. what one teacher says her worse fear is. and then this. >> i think someone is out
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there but i'm not sure but i heard something break and i'm really scared. >> young girl and her little brother home alone when they hear someone break into her house. what she does after she calls 911 that may have saved their lives.
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schools will open up on time this week, in the chester up land school district but as we told you yesterday, teachers, not getting paid. >> hundreds of teachers, staff, bus drivers of the delaware county district are now wondering how they will get by without getting paid. chester up land teachers union agreed to work without pay until a state budget is passed. until then teachers working in the most poor district in the state, they will have to wait. >> i don't know how to feed my children. >> my biggest fear right now is, what if i don't have money to put gas in my car to actually get to work to teach my students, what happens then? >> many district teachers are holding on line school supply donations to help them prepare their students. class necessary chester up land begin on wednesday, tomorrow. >> that would be tomorrow. >> surprise in the polls, donald trump, may no longer be
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on top? who is finally caught up to this republican date, it is bob kelly. >> gotcha. >> what? >> good morning everybody, we are in good shape as we go for a ride here on the schuylkill expressway leaving south philadelphia, heading out towards city line. okay new but that is all going to change, come around 9:00 a.m., i will have details for you. how about a double decker. >> yeah. >> there you go, a live look at i-95 double decker bridge, southbound, on the top, and we're going to grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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good morning, headlines say it all, picture we have some haze and mugginess in the air. the heat wave that would be today n question we will start that today. third day in the the row. air quality alert, bright sunshine, and a very light breeze, and that causes problems for the air quality, pollutants build up day after day. that is in effect. watch activity in the middle of the afternoon, relief this weekend, just to have wait until then. here is air quality alert issue. pretty much, every where, ultimate doppler clear, in rain, thunderstorms expect. we have no relief from the heat, today, a close-up view we can see things are nice and clear just muggy. these temperatures well, they are in the 60's and 70's, it
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was nice and cool and comfortable when that humidity is down. temperatures drop overnight. not the case today starting off at 66 in allentown. did not get below 07 in philadelphia. that sun coming up in just about 15 minutes, so temperatures will start to climb. sixty-nine in millville. seventy's along the coast. now we will climb in the 90's this have afternoon, and, little cooler along the coast there. you will get that sea breeze. factoring in the humidity it will feel mid 90's. this is not like a heat advisory where we will get numbers climbing to the hundred. muggy new but try to dry out, mix out a little this afternoon. not quite as bad as it can be, still uncomfortable upper 80's and mid to low 90's. cool's long the coast there. there is that nice sea breeze. down the shore you'll have nice, comfortable temperatures there as temperatures drop through the afternoon. ninety-three today, air quality alert and it is humid, it will drop in the mid 07's tonight. there is no relief in the
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daily forecast, it is the seven day forecast where we will see nice and comfortable weather by day number five. so day five we will start to see that humidity drop. that is start of the long weekend. day six and seven look even better. mid 60's for a lose temperature, monday just a few clouds, highs near 90 degrees and that humidity is way down, so, perfect, cueing weather, barbecuing weather. >> barbecue, 6:17. good morning. we are off to a good start looking live at ben franklin bridge coming into downtown pockets of volume along the way in this 6:00 o'clock hour. curb check schuylkill expressway right here near conshohocken curve, steady flow eastbound toward city between conshohocken and downtown. now heads up after 9:00 o'clock penndot will set up shop and work on the schuylkill, combination of the cleaning up what is on the shoulder, i passed a nice mattress and box spring set on my way in this morning. also doing some tree trimming but was that yours, mike. >> i could use it.
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>> right near the curve, the the schuylkill between 202 and city avenue. watch for right lane to be block over the next couple of days during the midday. an accident with down wires it sound like a tractor trailer struck a utility pole here at elmhurst off of route 413. disable coming out of the mid county tolls south on the blue route, heading down south on the schuylkill expressway. next week they will kick in a new schedule tuesday the the first workday, after the holiday, so just be ready for that one and grab yourself a new timetable as you are boarding the trains. southbound i-95 backup from cottman into allegheny. mike and alex, back over to you. 6:18. man believed to be the main suspect in the deadly bombing in bangkok from two weeks ago is under arrest. man is a for inner and was arrested near thai cambodian border according to thailand's prime minister. officials suspected those involved in the bombing were
6:19 am
preparing to flee the country. another man was arrested on saturday in connection with the bombing. twenty-three people died when the bomb went off at a shrine. georgia police officer is in critical condition have after being shot while responding to a call. >> yeah, this is a on wood. it could have been avoided because police say he he ended up going to the wrong house. police say that they got a call about a suspicious person, and a possible burglary in progress, at a home, in the the atlanta area. they just got a description, not an address, but sent an officer anyway to the area the officer went around to a back door at the wrong house, and which was unlocked, once he was inside, he identified himself saying he was a police officer and then gunfire started. the officer was shot along with the home owner, and a dog, the dog, who had died, the the dekalb county authorities say the incident is under investigation, went to the wrong house. >> well, state department has
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released another batch of the hillary clinton's e-mails from her time as secretary of state. more than 7100 pages are included in this latest release. state department spokesperson says latest e-mails contain 125 messages of material now considered classified. but spokesperson says in of the e-mails have been considered classified at the time they were sent or received. fbi is investigating whether classified information that passed through clinton's personal home e-mail server was mishandled but there is no criminal investigation of her use of the server. >> current secretary of the state will be in philadelphia tomorrow, john kerry. today we will hear where delaware senator chris coons stand on his iran nuclear deal that is what secretary kerry will be talking about in philadelphia tomorrow. >> democratic senator is scheduled to speak out at the university of delaware. the debate on the tiehl will begin next week when congress returns from recess and congress must vote by september 17th. president obama says deal made in conjunction with five other
6:21 am
world powers will help curb iran's nuclear program but critics say it offers too many concessions. how about this donald trump back in the news. >> gets competition he is now sharing top spot with ben carson. >> doctor ben carson in the latest, monmouth university poll out of new jersey, trump and doctor carson are tied in iowa, both candidates got 23 percent of favorite ability a -- amongst republican voters. >> you don't have to be a monk, a amongst republican voters. this is first time a g.o.p. contender has closed the gap on trump's lead in the primary. former h p.c. eo carli fiorina a came in third with 10 percent of the vote. others were all n'synx will digits. 6:21. it seems miley cyrus and crazy outfits wasn't enough to help
6:22 am
video muse ache ward ratings. why executives may not be too worried though. >> okay. >> people are not watching vma's anymore. >> but first battle for third, really? there is a battle for third string quarterback matt barclay verse tim tebow, what barclay had to say, about the pressure to perform.
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testing. matt barclay will start and play the first half and tim tebow will play second half. pressure is nothing new for barclay. >> i have done this before, i have been playing this position a long time, i know what i'm doing, it is in the
6:26 am
anything new to me. this offense is second nature to me now, my teammates now what we need to do. it is not like we're going in an unknown scenario, so where we are and what i can do. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> see what happens thursday night. everything is on the line thursday night for matt barclay and tim tebow. new guidelines when it comes to car thieves, listen up, what you will need to know starting to day, if you drive with kids in the car. bruce gordon is in center city with a strange book people have seen in their mailboxes, bruce. >> what? >> reporter: did you get this in your mail. you are not alone. we will tell how sent it, why and how much money they spend to make sure this got in your hand, i'll have answers coming up ahead so stick around.
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second philadelphia funeral home, has stashed bodies, and then this. >> he is coming closer. >> now, some heart stopping moment for a couple of children home alone, when somebody breaks into their house, what one young girl, did that probably saved her life. and her brother's life. if you live in philly, you got book in the mail. what is this all about a lot of people got this book
6:30 am
unsolicited, in the mail. we will explain what it is about. good day, tuesday, september 1st, 2015. >> she will have to go to school. >> okay. >> if you would like to use that hashtag fox 29 good day, check our facebook, instagram, twitter, make sure we see that. >> i love to see them. >> can't get enough of those. >> you have no life then. >> i have facebook and i look at it and they are there. i will be joining those parties too, but right now we will check out temperatures. seventy-three, sunrise happening right about now. sun coming up. temperatures starting to climb in the 90's today, in relief from the heat, ultimate doppler is all clear, bus stop buddy, has muggy with him, because it is humid out there. you will feel mugginess, it
6:31 am
sound like a wolf. seventy-five to 80 degrees. partly cloudy skies, that is current temperature easily climbing in the 90's today. air quality issue we have that so we will drop to the seven. not a perfect ten but not all that bad. these's temperatures are cooler. mid 60's. a lot of six's in allentown, pardon me, and then in pottstown. mugginess. seventy-three in philadelphia. and to the south we are in the mid to low 70's in wildwood, and atlantic city. bob kelly. >> get your cheerios stuck over there good morning. grabbing your cher joost and heading out of the front door not that bad right now, southbound on the northeast extension. a disable right here, before you come into the toll plaza, as we come off the pennsylvania turnpike, or coming down the extension, as you head in the tolls, left lane block there. otherwise curb side in new jersey starting to see volume pop here as we head in toward philadelphia toward that 295,
6:32 am
bellmawr interchange, south on i-95, already a jammo from approaching woodhaven down through cottman avenue work zone, it opens up a little bit and slows again heading in toward girard avenue for gang out of the great northeast n bristol elmhurst and 413, tractor trailer income over one of the power poles so is there wires across the roadway, local detours there in conshohocken a accident at seventh and fey yet and we are starting to see delays inbound on that schuylkill expressway. septa has three other trolley routes using shuttle bus's long portions of the route. one direction tonight, 7:00 o'clock at the link, that will leave us with extra volume, unusual traffic pattern, parents dropping the kid off, or maybe parents heading over to xfinity live while kid go into the one direction concert and then patco, they start a new schedule next week. so make sure you grab one of the new timetables so you are good to go after the holiday. mike and alex, back to you. >> how about this story bob
6:33 am
kelly. >> a car hit three people walking in the middle of the street in ocean county, new jersey. sky fox over the scene around 10:00 last night. accident happened on river avenue in lakewood township. police say one adult and two children were hit. it is unclear how young children are but stroll her was left in the street. three victims were taken to the hospital. no word on their current conditions. but police say the the driver did stop. police discovered three bodies in west philadelphia, and now they are investigating a funeral home for operating without a license. >> and this comes just days after decomposed bodies were found in north philadelphia, at another funeral home, jenny joyce. >> reporter: yeah, this funeral director here was charged overnight with three counts of abuse of a corpse. blair hawkins, he is a licensed funeral director but building he was working out of on 5300 block of vine street is not a licensed facility. acting on a tip officials from the department of the state entered hawkins funeral services yesterday and they found three bodies inside, including two that were
6:34 am
decomposing, regulations require bodies to be embalmed within 24 hours. investigators called philadelphia police, to look in the the case further. one woman saw our story and came to the scene to talk to us. she said her family used hawkins funeral services when her mother passed away and they were not at all pleased. lieutenant john walker a says in this case two of the three bodies found did not have a sign death certificate. >> one is in the casket, services were held, that body is awaiting cream nation. it looks like a director is using a building that he's not supposed to be using. >> my mother, she was buried in february and i was in the pleased with this funeral home at all. >> unacceptable behavior and these directors need to understand you need to be licensed and your parlor need to be licensed because you are collecting money to ensure that the proper burial takes place for anyone who dies. >> reporter: funeral home crackdown comes less than a
6:35 am
week after three decomposing bodies were found in the garage which belonged to the powell funeral home in north philadelphia police are hoping back to back crackdowns will send a message, mike and alex. >> my goodness, two weird stories in the last week. all right, jenny, thank you for that. lets get to this, a delivery, right, at your house. mystery book ace peering on thousands of doorsteps in philadelphia if you have received one and you don't know what to do with it, you are not alone. >> residents are wondering what is it all about. bruce gordon, explain this to us, will you. >> reporter: what this book is, it is a nearly 400 page tone filled with bible quotes, stories of christ's battle with satan and the the end of the world. delivered to philadelphia mailboxes free of charge all over town. so what is going on? >> i thought it was kind of odd to see the book in the mail but i figured i would give it a shotty like to read.
6:36 am
>> reporter: george jackyl knew he hadn't ordered a book but split was. >> guy sitting around, saying they had a copy. most guys threw it in the trash. what the heck. i figured would i give it a shot. >> reporter: it is called the great controversy, written back in the 1850's by the co founder of the procedures extant denomination of the seventh day aventis church. >> it is a lot of bible quotations and captions. >> reporter: 700,000 copies of the book filled with tails of christian reform, the the battle between christ, satan and end of the world has landed in philadelphia mailbox necessary recent day. anthony coke got a copy. >> there is always something that we need to know. it is a a positive thing. anything with knowledge, wisdom, i can work with that. >> reporter: distributor, a michigan based religious non-profit called remnant publications spent a million-dollar putting these books if local hand. simon gladys gonzales said she will take a look. >> sometimes, you know, it seems like to me that everyone
6:37 am
is getting it, they want to get a message across. i feel like they feel like this might be the only way. to get their message across. the the publisher or distributor remnant publications said they have done these mass mailing in other cities, across the country in years past, why philly why not? as you might suspect it is link to the papal visit, folks want to get across the idea that there should be a separation between religion and politics. if you are interested in the book, give it a read if not, they will toss it out. there are plenty more. u.s. postal service says this kind of mass mailing is legitimate and was fully paid for, guys? >> fully paid for. bruce, should i feel bad that, i didn't get one? >> reporter: they looked you over and said let's not waste our time with mike, let's move on, there is somebody else who will read this. >> they knew, thanks, bruce. good come back my man. pope francis, he will be
6:38 am
in the city of brotherly love. our official count down less than a month. >> now you can say he will be visiting this month. >> that is true. >> um-hmm. >> this month. >> and city official as long with leaders of the world meeting of families, kicked off a campaign, that will let customers know which businesses will stay open for the papal visit. businesses around the city are now, hanging up signs, reading, hashtag, open in phl, they are not going to close. it is part of their i'll be there for campaign. the kit includes signage, love, branding for businesses to promote the world meeting of families, i'll be home for francis. >> more thinking of the michael jackson five. >> i'll be there; just call my name, pope francis will be there. >> that is not really a microphone i don't have
6:39 am
anything in my hand. >> okay. >> i was pretending. >> coming up at 6:39. starting to day new jersey has new rules for child safety seats. children under age of two and less than 30-pound must be secured in the rear facing seat. it must also have a five-point harness. children between two and four can be in either a rear or front facing seat. kids between four and eight need to be in a booster seat and in the back and after age eight kid can start using regular seat belts. >> say that all over again, do you want me to redo it. >> we will have the information on our web site at fox, so just look for story on there people are saying web site looks different. we have a new, redone web site, check it out. >> what is the web site. >> fox >> you know what we should have done, we should have done a demonstration today this takes effect today. i don't understand it at all. >> yes. >> can we do a demo later in
6:40 am
the 9:00 o'clock hour. pull up a car, do a demo or we will be in trouble. >> there goes the crickets. >> dave warren. >> lehigh county is prepping for large crowds today. >> yes. >> viewing of the former sixers star, darryl dawkins. >> makes me so sad. >> public viewing will be held this afternoon at st. paul evangelical lutheran church. >> only 58 years old. darryl died thursday of an apparent heart attack. that is what his family says. funeral services is set for tomorrow, that service will be private. chocolate thunder was first high school player to be selected in the nba draft, first round in 1975. right out of high school, unheard of back in 75. after retiring from the nba, darryl coached for club and community college teams in
6:41 am
lehigh county. he lived in the allentown air were. >> sad. next up, two young kids, home alone. >> yeah, when they hear someone banging on the door and then glass breaks what one young girl did that saved her and her brother's lives, dave. we will look at heat and humidity here today, heat wave, underway, day number three, and we're in the done yet, and those numbers coming up in the seven day forecast, allah ex- time to go back to school, look at this one from karen, brendan starting high school and averil in third grade in middletown. >> how cuties she. >> and nicki says jackson going to second and avery starting high school. handsome brothers. >> they look good. >> yes. send more pictures, your child's first day, facebook and instagram twitter fox hashtag fox 29 good day.
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air quality alert. once the fog clears out in the middle of the afternoon watch the activity here, susceptible to these ailments, poor air quality, that may peak this afternoon. now we have some relief. that is this weekend. from the heat and humidity. no relief provided by any showers, or storms out there. things are all cleared here, on ultimate doppler radar. just patchy fog which will burn off in south jersey. reduced visability around millville. sixty-six is there in allentown and pottstown, up to 37 in philadelphia drops to 68 in millville. mid to low 70's along the coast there in wildwood and atlantic city. climbing up to about 90, maybe 91, 92 degrees in philadelphia
6:46 am
is there cooler weather coming in right off the coast, there is that nice sea breeze, dropping temperatures this afternoon. as we climb to 93, factoring in the heat up decks just a few degrees hotter, pretty muggy now but just try to mix out the this afternoon, and not that unbearable with the heat and humidity. we will see no humidity this weekend. this is set up here for labor day weekend. high pressure coming from canada you don't like to see high out of the ocean because that brings the humidity. you like to see this if you don't like muggy weather setting up this weekend. back door cold front coming in, thursday and friday. so a little transition with showers and storms, but by saturday, definitely humidity is down. storms gone. the skies clear up. we are looking at bright sunshine both saturday, sunday, monday. cooler breeze though. you may note that is down the shore but a lot of people may be there. and wind off the ocean at the ten to 20. so maybe just a little windy
6:47 am
that is one issue we could have. cooler at night, not the case today but when you get that lower humidity, dry air, temperature drops at night. we will be in the 50's in many suburbs. sixty's in philadelphia. there is five day forecast, it improves, as a six and seven, inn nice and comfortable. that nice stretch of weather continues all weekend, bob. >> looking good for holiday weekend, outdoor barbecues, and picnic. jammo 422 eastbound working your way through the construction zones here at trooper, both lanes are opened, but after the rush hour, penndot will take that down to one, it is all part of the construction project here. live look, starting to see volume pop from mid span into downtown at eighth and vine and then south on 73, good morning to the shaders, heading southbound, down towards the atlantic city expressway, watch for an accident, taking out one of the lanes right at the fleming
6:48 am
pike right before the ac x and in bristol bucks county the l many hearst and 413, accident tractor trailer pulling down a power pole there power lines across the roadway, slow go west on the turnpike in towards philly working your way through the the construction zone, accident in conshohocken at seventh and fey yet and penndot will hit the road, throw down the cones and work schuylkill expressway down to one lane the roving crews between king of prussia and city avenue. that begins at 9:00. mike and alex, back over to you. >> do you remember the movie home alone. >> who was the kid in it. >> mccauley caulkin. >> he was struggling to come up with that. >> i don't know. >> yeah. >> eleven year-old florida girl is home baby-sitting her little brother when burglar breaks in but police say she knew exactly what to do
6:49 am
>> she's seven years old, alex. >> no, she's older then that but her brother is seven. >> there is a seven year-old in the house. >> the brother. they were home alone when mother left briefly. burglar tried knocking but kid didn't answer. man broke out a window in her little brother's room and that is when annabell remember what police told her in school. >> always had make sure you hide, be quiet, call 911 if there is a an emergency. i didn't recognize the vehicle. at that point they were kicking at the door, and then so i grabbed the phone and went in may mom's bathroom. >> aim so proud of her, it is a feeling i got that she handles that so well. >> so she's 11, anabell. >> police track down the 18
6:50 am
year-old, one block over, he was hiding in a day care center. >> that was a picture of the 18 year-old guy trying to break in. >> okay. >> good for her. 6:50. despite miley's outrageous outfit and quirky antics, viewer ship for video music awards sunday night dropped, i'll tell you how much. i will tell you right now. 5 percent from last year. people aren't watching the show. >> this is coming after viewer ship fell 18 percent from 2013. but mtv executives are not sweating it. they point out terms oven gauge. , sunday award were the most tweeted about event this year besides the super bowl. they say it generated a impressive 21.4 million tweets. what would those numbers be without the most talk about moment like kanye west announcing he will run for president. mtv representatives say they are streaming is at an all time high. on line viewer ship was at 155 . people say this is future, people will not watch, they
6:51 am
will watch from their phones, television screens, ipods. >> the future is here. >> it is now. >> it is now. >> they are thrilled about people tweeting bit, are they making money a off any tweets. we have to figure out how to do that. >> yes. >> if you get enough... >> well, i don't know, if you tweet enough people will want to turn and see. >> it is called second screen in the business, getting people to leave their phones and watching tv. >> we are getting technical now. >> famous sighting for community of villanova, look at this. >> harry styles from one direction was spotted at campus corner pizza last night, big news spread across twitter and then students started sharing pictures. one direction play is a at the link tonight. they were hang out. >> look at that. >> he got his hair all greased back, he will be fledge tonight. where are they performing within direction, wells fargo?
6:52 am
the link. >> they can sellout the link, one direction. >> one direction, yah. >> yah. >> hi guys. >> harry might be watching the show, hi, harry. i miss zane is that his name. >> that is his name. >> harry doesn't want to hear that i love harry, he is the best, he has the best hair. >> we get it. >> how people in the united kingdom are getting ready to celebrate a huge milestone for the queen. >> what is this woman doing. >> i don't know. >> is that the queen. >> the the heritage house, little different. >> all right.
6:53 am
is there an elk in your bed?
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6:55 am
this is one of my favorite one direction song. >> is it. >> nobody can drag me down. >> is that it. >> you are not going to do it. bob kelly will in the do it. dave warren -- well, dave might do it. celebration is brewing and it will be fit for a queen. >> so on september 9th, queen elizabeth is set to be britain's longest serving monarch. >> yeah, who is this. >> thinks 89 year-old elizabeth the second. no, that is in the her. they are talking about the queen now. she has been queen for 63 years and next week she will overtake queen victoria 63 years seven months, two month reign. no ceremony is planned. do you realize what you said. no ceremonies are planned but that is not stopping fans from
6:56 am
celebrating. so this is martha taylor this woman right here. >> she's probably most excited she has big plans. >> is this her house. >> my goodness. >> she's a horder. >> i mean she said when she was 21 whether she would be long or short, she has been there for us. she has kept her war. she will go on doing that i'm's sure. i think we are very lucky. i can't remember the time when she wasn't on the thrown. >> this is this woman's house. >> i thought it was a gift shop. >> she dedicated her life to the queen. >> as for the queen's play, in scotland. >> i wish i had that option. >> i wish i had an estate anywhere for goodness sakes. just when i think my life is a mess, at least i'm not
6:57 am
that woman who hordes the queen's memorabilia. >> she does it for a reason. >> what is this. >> new film starring will smith is creating a lot of buzz, it is called concussion, it is about the link between football and head trauma, will smith is making nfl mad. we will have a documentary plus garry cobb to talk about the danger on the feel. (plays throughout)
6:58 am
♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first.
6:59 am
♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
7:00 am
they are using a building that they are not supposed to be using. >> failures is a polite way to put this. another funeral home accused of leaving bodies to kiko. how police were tipped off about this one. >> why the nfl mad about will smith, how this new movie, is bringing back concussion discussion. matt barclay verse tim tebow, what tim had to say about the pressure, to perform, this thursday night when one of them will go. >> and for this we are getting funny pictures today. >> that is right, we are. >> kids going off to school. >> this kid here is, it is his first day of high school and checking out weather with dave


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